Weekly Schedule 

Our program is crafted to give you a solid basis in Gemara and Halacha, while challenging your mind and your soul with our world-famous Aish Discovery and Essentials classes. 

What We Learn

Morning Seder

  • Gemara - Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Halacha & Mussar

Afternoon Seder

  • Essentials - Parsha,  Mitzvos, Prayer, Relationships and Spirituality
  • Halacha B’iyun

Night Seder

  • Bekiyus Gemara- Facilitating Siyumim on Small Masechtos
  • 1 on 1 Older Chavrusas / Mentors


  • Thursday Nights include an hour of students learning independent projects, plus an inspiring speaker/kumsitz and great food!
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Philosophy Classes

Aish Discovery

Classes that address the fundamental foundations of Judaism including issues such as:

  • How do we know there is a G-d?
  • How do we know Judaism is the true Religion?
  • How do we know the Torah’s origin is Divine?
  • Do we have Free Will if G-d Knows the Future?
  • Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?
  • Do Science and Torah Contradict?

Aish Essentials

Classes that teach the Torah’s Wisdom for Living an inspired, passionate, committed Jewish life, including:

  • Practical Spirituality
  • Halacha in the Workplace
  • Making Mitzvos Meaningful
  • Inspirational Jewish History
  • Jewish Wisdom on Relationships
  • 6 Constant Mitzvos
  • 48 Ways to Wisdom
  • Personal Growth and Character Development

Ignite Your Passion for Judaism

Check out what EFG @ Aish can offer you

Ignite Your Passion for Judaism

Check out what EFG @ Aish can offer you