Growing From Our Flaws – Rabbi Gavriel Errera

In his last moments on this earth Yackov used his G-dly given powers to bless the holy tribes, and to define their destiny. He begins by giving Reuven reproof and criticizing him, then he continues by cursing the anger of Shimon and Levi. Is that all Yaakov can say as parting words?!   What sort of destiny is that?!?!

The Mesilas Yesharim explains that in every character trait, in each personality lies an energy that could be channeled into a positive or a negative act, to do a good deed or to sin.  With this we could understand Yackov’s blessing, he was saying that the tribes had extraordinary powers and exceptional traits, and that they should use them well, but that they should be aware of their negative side. He was making them mindful of their traits and shaping their destiny,he was not crushing them,absolutely not,to the contrary he was building them.

The powerful lesson for each and every one of us is, that we all, and I mean ALL, have exceptional abilities, and it is our life’s work to be mindful of our individualized personalities, and to use them in a positive way, moreover we have to acknowledge that our biggest shortcomings, in reality could be harnessed to be great positive energy, our flaws could be changed to be our strongest powers.

May it be Hashem’s will that we should achieve our potential by being mindful of all our strengths and by achieving greatness with our personalized energies and powers.

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