End of Gesher 5778 Tiyul

Gesher 5778 had one final, incredible overnight trip. To connect together, strengthen the incredible relationships made in yeshiva and finish the year with inspiration.

We began with a visit to the Pittsburgher Rebbe, who now resides in Ashdod. He shared Chasidic words of wisdom and inspiration for leaving yeshiva, and the talmidim erupted into song when he finished. He then handed out a CD of Chasidic songs to all the guys and wished every one a bracha.

We then went on to the separate beach in Ashdod. On our way to our villa for the night we stopped of nearby in Tel Azeka, where David fought Goliath. Rabbi Berman spoke about the story and its timeless messages. Our lodging was an amazing mansion with a range of activities and facilities, ideal for having a good time together.

Rabbi Greene joined us late at night, with his guitar, for an inspirational kumzitz. In the morning we visited Rabbi Shlomo Katz at his shul in Efrat. He shared some inspirational ideas and a song about the mitzva of loving our fellow Jews.

We finished with paintballing – putting some of that love into action!

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