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Gesher 5778 Bridging Journal

Gesher talmidim wrote about the most impactful idea or thought they heard this year and explained to their friends what was meaningful about it and their year as a whole – ‘Bridging’ the gap between Yeshiva and the next step in life. All entries were printed together in a journal and given to every talmid.

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Gesher Exclusive Alumni Page is live

Now all Gesher alumni can see and hear from their favorite Rebbeim in an exclusive area of our website. Shiurim, videos and lectures will be added regularly and are accessible by login only, in addition to our public shiurim. There will numerous video series on all areas of Torah, given by your Rebbeim from your…

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End of Gesher 5778 Tiyul

Gesher 5778 had one final, incredible overnight trip. To connect together, strengthen the incredible relationships made in yeshiva and finish the year with inspiration. We began with a visit to the Pittsburgher Rebbe, who now resides in Ashdod. He shared Chasidic words of wisdom and inspiration for leaving yeshiva, and the talmidim erupted into song…

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