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Purim: We Love Torah! – Rabbi Binyamin Wolff

Anyone who is forced to do a task can always excuse their poor performance on the fact that they weren’t really given a choice. That is how the Gemara (Shabbos 88a) rationalizes our shortcomings in performance of mitzvos – after all we were coerced into it. That was the state of affairs from Sinai for…

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Let’s Be in a Better Place – Rabbi Daniel Rose (Pekudei)

Betzalel, Ohaliav and their team of wise-hearted workers complete one of the greatest building projects of all time – The Mishkan, it’s sacred contents and the priestly garments. This fact, that they were appointed and carried out the work, is reiterated over and over again. So why then, at the end of the parasha, are…

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Fan the Fires! – Rabbi Moshe Chaim Eade (Vayakhel/Shekalim)

This week we will bring out an extra Sefer Torah in honor of Parshas Shekalim. Parshas Shekalim is the first of the four special parshios we start reading from the Shabbos before Adar until the month of Nissan. The simple meaning of this special reading is because the Parsha speaks about each person donating a…

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